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We work with professional athletes, corporate achievers, seasonal wellness retreats, chronic pain sufferers, veterans with PTSD, high net worth individuals, personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, festivals and workshops, remote communities, team builders, clubs and societies, physiotherapists, sports phycologists and sports scientists.


Case Study

England NATIONAL rugby UNION team & Float tank rental

Dan Cole (Rugby Union)

Athletes Successfully Using Floatation

In an increasingly demanding arena elite athletes are keen to keep at peak performance. The following article on the 2017 super bowl winners New England Patriots use of floatation addresses its benefits for the modern athlete.

Keeping highly paid athletes in match fit condition is becoming an increasingly challenging task. Individuals are subject to huge expectations and are constantly scrutinized in the press and media. Keeping a healthy mind will soon become as important as maintaining peak physical fitness. Recovery from injury has its mental challenges and failure to recover and rushing an athlete's return to competitive competition can cause a breakdown. This can result in a career threatening situation. Incorporating floatation into an athlete's wellness and recovery schedule provides an opportunity for the individual to Reboot themselves. Floatation has proved an effective tool in training Athletes how to rest. Disconnecting in an over connected world full of relentless stimulation is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve . Regular use of floatation rest provides a highly effective solution.



Brooke Wells...

...world's 6th strongest cross fit female regularly floats in preparation for competitive competition.